Scout’s Honor

 By Bronlynn Thurman

“On my honor, I will do my best.”

This was one of the most memorable quotes Michael Gorfido, Creative Director and Manager here at DCI, said to me in our interview. It struck a cord with me because I know here at DCI we strive to do our absolute best in everything we do.

Most recently we took on a project for the Trinity UCC Troop 4 Boy Scouts in Canton, OH.  Troop 4 is the oldest continuously chartered Boy Scouts troop in the Stark County district. It was started in 1915 and is coming upon its 100-year birthday in 2015.

Donn Bohn, Scout master of Troop 4, wanted to commemorate this tremendous occasion by having something special done to a trailer they recently purchased. He reached out to Michael who is also the Assistant Scout Master to Troop 4 to help bring his brainchild to life.

Michael felt that this was his chance to thank the troop for what it has done for his son, who is currently working on his Eagle project.  In his own time, he designed the wrap that you see here while he enlisted the help of DCI to bring everything to fruition.

In speaking with Michael, I got a chance to pick his brain about the various meanings behind his design. First and foremost, he wanted to capture the history of the Boy Scouts as well as the history of Troop 4. Secondly, he wanted to capture the idea that it’s still cool to be a Boy Scout. In this day and age where the idea of ‘cool’ changes as rapidly as the Ohio weather it can be a bit hard.

To accomplish his goals, Michael designed the left side of the trailer to be patriotic as well as historic. You can see the eagle head, the American flag, and the ghost of a boy scout from years long gone. There is a timeline near the top featuring the changing designs of the Scout’s handbooks throughout the years as well as an indicator of when Troop 4 started.

On the right side, Michael placed the patches of the different levels a scout can obtain as well as photos running along the top to illustrate the things that scouts can learn during their scouting experience. This ranges from learning different knots to being able to identify a variety of plants.

The back features all of the levels as well as specialty patches and positions that a scout can achieve. On the bottom there is the address of where this troop is located as well as the logo that is on all three sides.

Recently, this trailer has been getting national attention. It was featured on Scouting Magazine’s blog ‘Bryan on Scouting.’ That magazine is one of the only magazines available to adults involved with scouting so it is a big honor.

Here at DCI, we take pride in helping out our surrounding community any way we can and are very happy with the results of this combined project.

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